Photo Gallery

cdfma tuesday september 13 2022 cup n cone ice cream (2) wp 500
Last ice cream of the summer, September 2022
cdfma friday september 16 2022 harry jennings (2) wp 500
The one, the only Harry Jennings. Making the market rock!
cdfma tuesday september 20 2022 dunbarton farm garlic (2) wp 500
Mega garlic! Grown at Macalister’s Dunbarton Farm
cdfma friday september 9 2022 summer farm hot sauces.jpg 2 (2) wp 500
Red hot!
cdfma friday september 30 2022 hawks creek honey.jpg 2 (2) wp 500
Heading into autumn 2022 with sweet things from Hawks Creek Honey
cdfma market friday july 8 2022 iced coffee mike shannon (2) 500
Iced coffee was the market’s signature beverage in the blazing hot summer of 2022
cdfma friday september 2 northern chickadee rings (2) wp 500
Handmade rings by Sarah Holowenko, Northern Chickadee, summer 2022
cdfma friday august 26 2022 slow train beeswax candles (2) wp 500
Beeswax candles, herbal salves ~ Slow Train Farm, 2022
cdfma friday august 19 2022 big pink rose horse shirt (2) wp 500
Galloping into summer, 2022 – fabric art by Catherine DiPietro, Big Pink Rose
Ravens by Georgia Lee Lesley
cdfma friday july 29 2022 blue spoon lilies (3) wp 500
Friends & Flowers ~ Summer 2022
Wilker Land & Livestock
Wilker Land & Livestock
Summer 2021
Sunflower friends August 2021
Summer 2021
Sunshine head to toe!
Ruth Hendren Handweaving and Fiber. Summer 2021.
Wise owls needle felted by Ruth Hendren. August 2021.
Adopt a new fuzzy friend! Hedgehogs by Ruth Hendren. August 2021.

Beautiful daylily ‘Princess Diana’, Horsefly Nursery, July 31, 2020

Market is a family affair! Nathan and Melissa Thiessen and junior product testers, Gold Country Donuts & More, July 31, 2020

Chanelle Sankey, Hixon Falls Company. July 31, 2020

Crackers by Chanelle and Sara, Hixon Falls Company. July 31, 2020

South Kelowna Fresh Fruits – the Gill family orchard brings various tree fruits up to the Cariboo from the sunny Okanagan.

Kelowna Peaches from Gurjeet Gill’s family orchard, July 31, 2020

Baby, meet peach. This fruit-eating gig is serious business! July 31, 2020

New potatoes, Slow Train Farm, July 21, 2020

Sign of summer – green beans, Slow Train Farm, July 31, 2020

Wildlife expert and talented woodworker Grant Hill of Pause to Feather Creations  captured an image of this cheeky chickadee and presented it in a rustic barn-wood frame. July 31, 2020

The best kind of summer blues – certified organic blueberries from Warkentin Organic Farms via their partner Windy Creek Farm. July 31, 2020

Christy Richardson, Rose Lake Pottery

European baking from the Meier family, October, 2019.

“Life is too short for bad coffee!” says Mike Shannon of Uncle Paul’s Gourmet Blends – and he is our Market’s coffee expert! Everyone warmed up with some fresh brews on the last Market day of 2019, Saturday, October 11.

Cool fall crops – fingerling potatoes and salad turnips from Slow Train Farm, October 11, 2019

Black radishes, purple kohlrabi – unique end-of-season offerings from Slow Train Farm on West Fraser Road. October 11, 2019.

Late Red Bartlett pears from Snowy Mountain Organics, October 4, 2019.

Our vendors are multi-talented! Not only can she create beautiful, fun and useful things, Justine Hama sings like an angel!

Everlasting statice bouquet from the Windy Creek Farm garden of Carla Krogan, October 4, 2019.

Beautiful and tasty heirloom tomatoes, Puddle Produce Farm, October 4, 2019.

This little piggy says, “Get your hot peppers here!” Big Rock Ranch, October 4, 2019

Sunflowers brighten a rainy morning – Whiskey Creek Acres, August 23, 2019.

Mega Cauli!!! Ulrich of Rabbit Hill Farm’s magnum opus of a big bold brassica! August 2, 2019

“First we get bannock, then we check out the water park…” Amina leads her crew on a Market tour.

Raspberries and mulberries from Whiskey Creek Acres, July 26, 2019

Some days call for flowers in your hair… Original watercolour art by Jessica Fickell, MisulArtist

Tiger, tiger! Watercolour big cats by Jessica Fickell, MisulArtist.

Earth Dance Botanicals summer interns, July 2019.

Late July wildflowers picked in Horsefly by Earth Dance Botanicals.

Botanical bundles from the herbalists at Earth Dance.

Wildcrafted spruce tip honey, Earth Dance Botanicals, July 2019

Very serious and important vendor strategy session on a cloudy Friday morning, July 2019

Gotcha! Barb & Darryl-Lee

Teddy just takes it all in…

Laura and the squirrel. (Solar light array.)

Monster Mist room & linen spray from Cariboo Candle – chase the moonlight monsters away with sweet scents of bubblegum and cotton candy!

Handmade soy candles by Cori Gosselin of Cariboo Candle – a rainbow of colours, a garden (and then some!) of fragrances

Ulrich Suter of Rabbit Hill Farm, customer Brigitte Wenger

Sweet and licorice-flavoured Florence fennel, Rabbit Hill Farm, July 2019

Head lettuce, radicchio, chard – Rabbit Hill Farm

Debbie Lloyd arranges her popular sunflower bouquets – Whiskey Creek Acres, July 12, 2019

Creatures of the wild captured by Tammy Parker on outdoor-safe mural panels

“Wrap Yourself Up in a Work of Art” – Jane Perry of Cariboo Handwoven models one of her soft silk-blend scarves

Soft cotton blankets from master weaver Jane Perry – functional art!

Vibrant colours, intricate designs at Cariboo Handwoven

As tasty as they are beautiful – good things in jars from Donna at Redneck Gardens

Strawberries from Rabbit Hill Farm

July is summer squash time at Puddle Produce Farm

Harry Jennings all togged out for Canada Day! July 2, 2019 – First Tuesday Evening Market

Canadian Mental Health Association Multicultural Program info booth

Doug Gook travelled to be at the first Tuesday Market all the way from Quesnel.

Raise some hoopla hula hooping with Doug!

Big Dog Hot Dogs is the place to get your hot dogs and smokies!

Happy little mermaid made by the clever, ever-busy hands of Merri Mack

Little Finn Work Shop

Hill Farm Nursery people know their plants! Photo credit: Chan Ot Quyt

Go green! Super funky Rose Lake Pottery mugs – May 10, 2019

Hillbilly Hump Jams, Jellies & Syrups, May 10, 2019

Kozak’s Delicious Treats – Popcorn & more! May 10, 2019

Fennel Cup Food Truck – May 10, 2019

Purple petunias – Frank’s Nursery – May 10, 2019

Tlp Murals – Outdoor Western-themed art by Tammy Parker – May 10, 2019

Copper wire wrapped amethyst and quartz crystal pendants by JoAnne Pearson, Starwater Perspectives. May 10, 2019

Agate and silver wire pendant by JoAnne Pearson, Starwater Perspectives. May 10, 2019

Steampunk horse on copper – pendant by JoAnne Pearson, Starwater Perspectives. May 10, 2019

Certified organic Coronation Grapes from Djordjevich Vineyards ~ October 5, 2018

“Try these!”

Grape Coffee Cake Recipe

Coronation Grape Muffins Recipe

Rudy Geddert’s Garlic

Onions for those winter stews

Winter squash from Whiskey Creek Acres

Cherry tomatoes from Yunesit’in Greenworks’ greenhouse

Kale – a cold weather star!

Melons from Yunesit’in Greenworks – pushing the season

Getting ready for winter with warm gear from Inge Wiggins of Westwind Wool

Westwind Wool’s cozy slippers


Canning from Redneck Gardens – preserving summer in jars

Sauerkraut – all sorts! A Redneck Gardens specialty

Apple cider vinegar and fruit syrups from Redneck Gardens in Horsefly

The Market Manager considers the possibility of having a hot apple cider on a cool autumn day ~ September 2018

Potatoes from the people at Petak

Spuds by the sack from Petak

The last harvest of spaghetti squash before hard frost hits ~ Petak Produce ~ September 2018

German Butterball potatoes and spicy radicchio from Rabbit Hill Farm

Carrots come in many colours!

Stripes! – Italian chioggia beets

Cylindra and globe beeets from Rabbit Hill Farm

Ann Carter’s “Beelicious” Honey ~ September 2018

Cariboo Chilcotin Youth Fiddlers performing at the Market in September 2018

Edible flowers – nasturtiums and borage – from Yunesit’in Greenworks

Puddle Produce Peppers

Wildberry Jams & Jellies

Rosehip, Huckleberry, Raspberry, Oregon Grape, Saskatoon

Wild-harvested chaga fungus from Wildberry in Likely ~ Chaga grows on birch trees, and is prized for its reputation as a health enhancer

Lemon Citrus Goatsmilk Soap ~ from Gabriele Ziebart at Jumping Goat Farm

Jumping Goat Farm goatsmilk soap

How did the hearts get in there?! Goatsmilk soap by Gabriele Ziebart

Gabriele’s goatsmilk soap – so beautiful to look at, and gentle on the skin!

Beautiful brassicas from Bigfoot Farm at Deep Creek

Early apples from Puddle Produce Farm at Soda Creek

Beefsteaks and Cherries from Yunesit’in Greenworks

Crunchy peppers from the greenhouse at Yunesit’in Greenworks

Rainbow Chard

Red beets, gold beets

A bounty of beets from Puddle Produce Farm

Lining up for Cody’s Bannock is a Farmers’ Market tradition!

Cody’s bannock

Want some jam on that bannock?

Chickens! Christy Richardson of Rose Lake Pottery is the creator of this happy flock of egg cups and dish soap jugs

Rose Lake Pottery makes matched sets of drinking glasses/handle-less mugs

Very clever Salt Rocks from Rose Lake Pottery

Garlic from Meldrum Creek’s Rabbit Hill Farm

Late summer raspberries from Rabbit Hill Farm

An assortment of greens from Rabbit Hill Farm

Savoy cabbage, carrots – Ulrich Suter’s Rabbit Hill Farm

Wise advice from our Swiss baker Annette Fischer!

One of our talented entertainers plays the electric cello

Freshly baked cheese buns start the day off right – Blue Spoon Catering

Tasty cookies from Blue Spoon

Blue Spoon’s appetizing antipasto

Jumbo sweet black cherries and white Rainier cherries from Garden of Eden Orchard in Penticton

Blackberries and blueberries from the Fraser Valley

Fruit for snacking from Penticton’s Garden of Eden Orchard

Bulk fruit for canning – Garden of Eden Orchard

Early morning at the Market ~ August 2018

Original farmers’ market sign circa 1995, sunflowers and Russian Island painting by Debbie Lloyd of Whiskey Creek Acres

An assortment of artisan objects from Debbie Lloyd of Whiskey Creek Acres

Debbie Lloyd’s handmade baskets are always in high demand – this one is bulrush with a hand-carved juniper handle

Sunflowers and carrots – treats for body and soul! Slow Train Farm

A young carrot expert provides Market quality control. (She approves.)

Tracy Bauer is a very busy baker!

Tracy Bauer is the Market’s “Crazy Pie Lady” – check out her butter tarts!

Tempting tarts from Tracy – our Nutty Baker/Crazy Pie Lady

Perfect pies from a pro – Tracy the “Crazy Pie Lady”

Granny squares in retro-bright colours by Doodle-Bug Designs

Raggedy Anns by Joan McKay of Doodle-Bug Designs

Macrame revival at Doodle-Bug Designs

Rustic barnboard pictures by Kate Laukkanen

Kate’s Finnish Baking

Giant Dreamcatcher by Michelle Rennie

Earth Dance Botanicals Fragrant Body Sprays

Earth Dance Botanical Natural Earth Scents

Petunias beautifully bloom for Horsefly’s Frank Wijma!

Colourful flowers from Frank’s Plants & Produce

Can you see the different morel types pictured here? In our region of North America, Morchella deliciosa/esculenta/conica comes in different shapes and colours, including Western Blonde, Western Grey, and Black/Conica/Konica

May brought bags of fresh morel mushrooms from the forest surrounding Whiskey Creek Acres

Bumper crops of morels this year were a result of 2017’s wildfires – Raeanna Layfield was picking them by the bucketful!

Wildflowers decorate a mushroom vendor’s table

Baby beets from Slow Train Farm

Sweet peas from Bigfoot Farm

Columbines from Hill Farm Nursery

Early season crops – chard, peas, rhubarb

Rosy red rhubarb from Whiskey Creek Acres

Grass-fed and grass-finished beef from Hanceville Cattle Co.

Freshly roasted coffee from Uncle Paul’s Gourmet Blends roastery at Big Lake

Scrubbies by Vonny

Doing dishes is better with COLOUR!

Dryer balls are made of sheep’s wool – naturally eco friendly!