The 2019 Tuesday Evening *Extra* Summer Markets are Happening!

The brand new extra Tuesday Evening Summer Market rolled out on July 2nd, and things are looking good. Farm vendors are coming in from Hanceville, Miocene, Macalister, Forest Grove, Soda Creek, Meldrum Creek, Horsefly and West Fraser Road, and we’ve had a nicely eclectic selection of crafters, artists and artisans attending, as well as your favourite hot food vendors. Talented local musicians, too!

The Tuesday Markets are slated to continue till the end of August, and possibly longer if things are going well. Same site as the Friday Markets, next to Kiwanis Park, and 3 PM till 7 PM, Tuesdays in July and August.

The Friday Markets are continuing as usual, 9 AM till 2 PM, Fridays at Kiwanis Park, and will run until Thanksgiving weekend, with the last Market on October 11, 2019.

Come on out and enjoy either or both of the Markets!


Williams Lake Farmers' Market, Williams Lake, B.C.